Located in the up-and-coming Broadway Square, Pendleton, Urbana Cafe offers great traditional espresso drinks and delicious pastries.

Photos by Dustin Sparks 


Urbana Cafe opened in December 2015 and is located in the heart of the Broadway Square in Pendleton. Since then, our little blue bar have been producing well crafted espresso drinks and an array of delicious pastries. 

Pacific Tavern's interior, designed by the award-winning Hayden Collective, reflects the hip sensibilities of the surrounding area while also paying tribute to Brooklyn's storied past. The multi-level restaurant offers the choice to observe passers-by in the glass-encased Cascade Bar on the 2nd floor, or watch the art of cooking as it occurs in the open-kitchen dining room.



(513) 813-3133



1206 Broadway Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45202



M-F 6:30a–6p
Sa-Su 7:30a–6p