Our coffee

We like to keep it simple but tasty. That is the principle of our coffee program. Throughout the year we offer two blends, two single origin coffees. Some are sweeter and some are more robust.

Our blends were designed to bring you back to the authentic Italian cup of espresso without compromising the quality of the brewed coffee. We call this the refined Italian coffee experience. The House Blend and Espresso Napolitano are well balanced, lower in acidity both with hints of fruits. These two are great choices for espresso, drip coffee, and cold brew coffee.

The single origin program plays along with the seasonality of the coffees around the world. While coffees from Indonesia (Bali) have been quite popular and are usually available, we also like to bring coffees from South and Central America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. It’s always a treat to offer seasonal coffees with complex and playful flavors from small, family-owned farms.