A visual tale of taste and aroma

When you walk through the doors of Urbana Cafe’ in East Walnut Hills,  you immediately feel a sense of community and belonging. You will find a light-filled airy space where people are unplugged and engaged in conversation and meeting with dear friends and loved ones. This location was designed purposefully without Wifi to encourage communication face to face. People aren’t afraid to share a table with someone they don’t know and the dogs that are welcome in the coffee shop make for great icebreakers in conversation. The people that live in the neighborhood are regular customers and they are what makes this a pleasant place to be along with friendly baristas and bakers serving up delicious eats and coffee drinks. 

On the weekends you will come in and find the sweet and savory aroma of crepes being made to order. If you come early enough you will smell the fresh ingredients of blueberries, vanilla, basil and lemon slowly simmering our homemade compote sauce. At the Woodburn location you can now enjoy the patio space nestled between two beautiful historic buildings. The coffee is roasted right here in Cincinnati,  by Urbana at the Findlay Market in the historic Over The Rhine neighborhood.  If you love good coffee and good people this is the place for you! So make it a weekend thing and come explore East Walnut Hills and drink some good coffee and enjoy your friends. 


Jeff Jones