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A new Classic Italiano

Espresso culture × Crafted with Love

A classic utility motorcycle with "larger than life" personality was designed to fit the smallest streets of Italy and now finds in Cincinnati a new home and a new purpose. 

L'Ape, invented by Corradino D'Ascanio and produced by Piaggio in 1946; Ape is the Italian word for bee. This classic Italian finds in Cincinnati a new purpose as a mobile espresso bar. Cool and unique, this little gal is not shy about working days or nights, hot and cold, rain or shine. 

Urbana Cafe main focus is on Italian style coffee extraction using quality ingredients and using a very tradition Neapolitan approach for espresso making. This timeless coffee extortion system not only produces a rich and full-bodied coffee, but also brings to the live a relationship between barista and customer that goes beyond coffee to creating a memorable experience.

Our Vespas, Julia and Lucia can be found most weekends at Findlay Market and also around the city in festivals and private events.   

Located in the heart of Broadway Square in Pendleton, Urbana Cafe serves fine espresso drinks and delicious snacks with an Italian-American twist. 

Photos by Dustin Powell Sparks.


Urbana Cafe opened in December 2015 and is located in the heart of the Broadway Square next to Nation Kitchen + Bar. An Italian flare with a modern touch characterizes Urbana Cafe's vibe in Pendleton, 

Vespa and espresso culture collides in Urbana Cafe from the walls to the espresso machine, from its relaxed environment to the energizing espresso offerings. The multi-level cafe offers the choice to observe passers-by and operation in the balcony-style bar on the  2nd floor, or watch the art of cooking and espresso making as it occurs in the open-floor design.



(513) 813-3133



1206 Broadway St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202



Tues-Fri 7a–5p
Sa-Su 8a–5p
Closed Mondays


Big Greek or intimate weddings, consider having us being a part of your special day 


Being a small part in a couples "big day" has been such a joy since the beginning of our journey.   This type of engagement in now part of the Urbana Cafe's DNA and we wouldn't have it any other way.  We are here to enable your guests to share in your very special day in the most unique way.