Urbana Cafe, the new Classic Italiano


Baked with love

Coffee feels naked without a good pastry, and that is why we take baking so seriously. We bake everyday at all of our cafes and we also outsource from very talented bakers around the city. From french baking, modern American, keto-friendly to gluten-free, we can do it. Follow our social media to know what’s is new or hot out of the oven!


brewed with passion

We were born to brew coffee so you can sit, relax, and connect with your friends and family. Our coffee program is designed to maintain a consistent taste on your everyday drinks, while also allowing for flexibility to roast seasonal coffees from small farms around the world. Click below and learn more about what coffees we are currently offering.


Come for Coffee, bring a friend, and leave the computer behind


Coffee is best with friends

Our outlets are design so we can build an experience together. From our early days with our Vespa Ape, our latest space in East Walnut Hills, and the coming outpost at Scripps Center.

Our Vespa can be found around the city and weddings. Our shop in Pendleton is quite appealing for young professionals and freelancers while our East Walnut Hills location is great for meeting with friends and family (no WiFi). Our space in Findlay Market is excellent for learning about roasting and getting a cup of coffee on the go and the outpost at Scripps Center located in the heart of downtown is ideal for coffee on the go and business meetings.

Coffee Roasted with love